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Expanded PE Foam Print




Standard Size:

Thickness (T) X 1000mm(Width) X Length (In Roll)

Minimum Thickness: 0.5mm

Maximum Thickness: up to 100mm


Laminated EPE Foam / Single layer EPE Foam is mainly applied in packaging application as the material is cheapest among all the foam material used in packaging industries.


EPE Foam provides a good cushion support especially when it comes to heavy product packaging. The ease of lamination provides the flexibility to shape the material according to product design.


Besides, EPE Foam is suitable in construction application as well. The air trapped between the material served as the insulation for construction field. It is widely been used as low cost insulation material laminated with aluminium Foil






Ranging from 1mm – 50mm (homogeneus and non-homogeneus


White, Pink


Available with Antistatic properties