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Polystyrene Foam Board Print




Standard Size:

(T)mm X 4’(W) X 6’(L)

(T)mm X 4’(W) X 8’(L)


Polystyrene Foamboard (PS Foamboard) is lightweight mounting board suitable for various applications. PS Foamboard is widely been used for indoor advertising backdrop, where the PS Foamboard serves as an supporting backdrop for printed advertisements.


We are supplying different type of PS Foamboard:

- Plain PS Foamboard

Lightweight, low cost, and easy to cut material


- PS Foamboard with HIPS

High Impact Polystyrene Films laminated 2 sides of PS Foamboard provides better strength, hence HIPS Board are basically provide better support as backdrop


- PS FoamCore

PS FoamCore are laminated 2 sides papers on PS Foamboard. The strength of paper provides the strong support on PS Foamboard, hence PS FoamCore is the strongest backdrop support. PS FoamCore is commonly used for Picture / Photo backdrop, Mounting Board.


Direct Printing can be done on the 3 types of PS Foamboard mentioned above with Flatbed printing machines