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Rockwool with Black Mat Tissue Print


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We are supplying Rockwool which is made from rock, limestone and basalt type of rock. The production of rockwool require the rock to be melted @ 1300ºC and the molten lava is faberized by using of water coolant system. Then the fiber are then coated with a thermosetting binder which, when heat cured, bonds the fibers into a mat.


Rockwool are available in various density, thickness and temperature ratings. It is widely used in industries – for temperature control, energy conservation and personnel protection for plant and equipments like boilers, heat exchangers, reactors, ovens, kilns and autoclaves.


For Building applications, rockwool are used in lining metal deck roofs, infils of cavity walls and insulation of air-conditioning application.


Our service would include cutting the Rockwool material into specified sizes as per required by customer.



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